August 27, 2006

Today is Sunday

Aidan here.

Today has not been such a good day. Vanessa's bleeding continued through the night and by lunch time the colour of her bleeding had become red and much more prevelent.

Very concerned, we naturally reached for the www but unfortunately that just scared us even more. The web is a great resource but Google on a subject like this and you find it is also full of folk spouting utter bollocks. Funny how people who have had a baby or got pregnant seem to become subject matter experts overnight.

Anyway, off we trudge again to the hospital where we were kept waiting forever but well treated. Bottom line is... we've got to wait until the scan on Tuesday (holiday weekend here) before we can know much more. All a bit inconclusive and worrying.

Vanessa is going to both take a bit of a break from the computer and we will both concentrate on looking after more important things in our life for the time being.

As soon as we know something a bit more concrete she will be back on air with an update. In the mean time no mails or comments, please.

She is in good hands and being taken care of by someone who thinks she is centre of his world and the best thing since sliced bread!

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